The First US Security Token Exchange is Live!

15 December 2018

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US-based security token exchange OpenFinance went from beta to live.

This is great news for the industry, as it means that one of the main expected benefits of security tokens (liquidity) is now one step closer.

Whether this liquidity will be achieved however, is very much dependent on the amount of active users and depth of the order book. As of now, just two tokens are listed (from SPiCE VC and incubator Blockchain Capital), but more are on their way.


“One thing I think people need to consider is US capital markets are vital to the future of this fin-tech movement. […] You can have the fanciest security token on the planet in Estonia, Bermuda, or Singapore, but unless US investors get a bite at the apple you might be missing out.

— 4Rev CEO Michael Creadon on LinkedIn


💱 Security token trading platform OpenFinance has launched; read about it in their press release.

🌍 Digital security platform Raise and Kenyan law firm A&K have launched the open-source African Digital Asset Framework. The goal? Facilitate the development of standards for blockchain technologies that enable pan-African trade.

💰 Token issuance platform TokenSoft has acquired a broker-dealer, to add to their services offering.

🔆 Blockchain incubator Science Blockchain is ‘upgrading’ its security token, and moving them from Tokenhub to Securitize.

👫 Tokenization platform Neufund and hardware wallet provider Ledger have teamed up to enable users to manage real-world assets on the blockchain securely. We normally don’t like to report on ‘partnerships’, but this focus on custody is something we haven’t seen much before.

🇸🇬 The Monetary Authority of Singapore released an updated guide for ICOs and security tokens.


🍔 On the security token stack. A good read on different solutions in the security token space: from deal-flow origination to secondary market trading.

🔻 Clear insights on the benefits of tokenized debt and what a potential debt security token protocol would look like, by Jesus Rodriguez.

🎙️ An interview with Luc Falempin, CEO of tokenization platform Tokeny on due diligence, the future of security tokens, and more.


🏠 QuantmRE is planning to offer a security token of US owner-occupied, residential real estate in early 2019 — with the goal to raise $50 million.

🌿 Symboli is issuing the ‘Symboli Cannabis Dividend’ security token in Q1 to acquire 5 cannabis businesses in LA. It plans to pay out 100% (!) of all net earnings during its first 3 years.

💸 The ongoing STO from Neufund has raked in €3.3 million so far.


We’re very excited about 2019. We don’t like to use platitudes and speak about ‘the year of security tokens’, but it’s clear to us that 2019 will be a make-or-break moment.

Hundreds of companies across the globe have plans to launch a security token in Q1 2019. Depending on compliance, technical infrastructure, and surely, investor readiness, we may see another massive inflow of capital (as we’ve seen with ICOs).

But regardless of what happens, it’s exciting; and we applaud you, our readers, for being at the forefront of this new technological and financial development.

See you next week! 👋

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