Overstock’s tZero Wins a Patent for its Crypto Integration Platform

15 January 2019

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The World Economic Forum in Davos is taking place in about two weeks from now. One of our partners is setting up a shipping container at the center of Davos, hosting discussions on the future of crypto, cryptobanking and blockchain governance.

If you’re interested in showcasing your crypto project to WEF attendants, the CryptoMountain container still has a few sponsorship spots left; Take a look at their website and supporting documentation.


We should have a fact-based approach. A Nasdaq platform license is not an exchange. Creating a derivative of a financial product settled and cleared elsewhere is not a digitisation of that underlying security. […] The STO industry will become a second rate ICO industry if we don’t reach the standards of a true centralised central order book exchange.

— Brian Price on the Security Token Group’s Telegram


💱 tZero (another exchange aside from Bakkt) has won a patent for its ‘Crypto Integration Platform’, which provides “an interface between legacy trading systems and crypto exchanges that trade digital transactional items”.

🔓 More tZero news — now that the 3-month lock-up period is over, investors can actually hold their tokens.

🛅 Last week we shared some news on the launch of the new trading platform DX.exchange; it hasn’t been a smooth launch, considering some major security flaws. If you created an account over the last week, assume any data entrusted to the site has been exposed.

💰 Digital debt securities platform Cadence has issued a tokenized debt security. Interesting news, though not much else is known about the issuance or deal.

🔗 Broker-dealer and ATS SharesPost has executed its first secondary transaction with Blockchain Capital’s BCAP tokens.

🇪🇺 The European Banking Authority (report here) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (report here) published advice on ICOs and digital assets
As the ETHNews analysis indicates, “The EBA looks to even the playing field across the EU, while the ESMA worries about mass crypto adoption”.

🇺🇸 Earlier this week, two Colorado Senators filed the Colorado Digital Token Act with the goal to exempt certain digital tokens with a consumptive purpose from securities laws.

🇨🇳 More regulatory news, with China publishing the ‘Blockchain Information Management document’. It contains rules for companies operating blockchain-based information services; here are the main points.


👑 The window may be closing on US blockchain leadership, according to ‘the Business Blockchain’ author William Mougayar.

🏘️ Will blockchains revolutionize real-world assets? According to digital asset trading platform VALR’s CEO, that’s a false promise.

🤑 A solid overview of (American) broker-dealers active in the STO space.

🎙️ STOCheck interviewed tZero’s CEO Saum Noursalehi. The result is a short insight in tZero’s plans for the coming year.


🔆 Peer-to-peer advertising platform Hygh is issuing a security token — with a hard cap of $23,875,000 for a 9% revenue share.


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