A Proposal to Change US Security Laws: the Token Taxonomy Act

31 December 2018

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Happy holidays from us at Infloat and SecurityToken.it!

Due to the holidays there’s not much news this week, so we’ve included a couple of longer reads to keep you occupied.

Enjoy the festivities and see you in 2019!


Four years ago on new years eve, I set out to build for myself a robust habit of habit engineering. Looking back, doing this has been very transformative for me.

— Considering our new year’s resolutions, here’s a thread about productivity from A16Z’s crypto fund partner Ali Yahya.


📜 Two congressmen introduced the Token Taxonomy Act, which would amend the 1933 Securities Act and the 1934 Securities Exchange Act, by adding a new definition for “digital tokens.” Full bill here.

Interestingly, the bill is bipartisan, and largely symbolic, considering it will need to be reintroduced next year. More in the CNBC article.


🌕 Here’s 11 interesting expectations of the security token industry in 2019. And here’s 10 more in part 2.

📅 Another look at security tokens in 2019, with this article by founder of Securitize and SPiCE VC, Carlos Domingo.

🌐 A look at different security token markets around the world.

🇸🇬 A comprehensive discussion of what defines a security, in Singapore.

🔨 People from RockTree Capital, Securitize & Sharespost discussed the regulatory aspects of STOs, on WeChat. Click and scroll down for the English translation.


🏨 Maltese short-stay real estate business BWRE is issuing a security token using Dusk Network, tokenizing €21 million worth of equity.


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