Five Companies Raise More than $20 Million (!) to Help Build the Security Token Infrastructure

20 December 2018

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While the crypto markets are nowhere near their all-time highs, capital is pouring into the security token space.

This week, security token issuance platform Neufund ended their STO , raising €3.3 million — PLUS four companies raised millions to help build the required infrastructure for asset-backed tokens.

This is a great sign, for us and the crypto industry as a whole.


“If you’re someone that is putting aside $100 a week or a month to save up to invest into something. Well, you need that money to be liquid, because, life is unpredictable.”

— Henry Elder from Digital Asset Advisors on the benefit of liquid investments, at the Real Estate Tokenization Meetup in LA.


💸 Y-combinator alumnus Abacus raises $2 million to automate compliance for security tokens and keep track of the chain of custody.

💰 Data startup Nomics secures $3 million from Coinbase Ventures, Polymath, TokenSoft and others, with the goal to “index 95 percent of all data pertaining to how crypto assets are traded”.

👛 Amsterdam-based security token issuance protocol and blockchain Dusk Network received an undisclosed investment from Asset Management Fund Olymp Capital.

🤑 Vertically integrated ST blockchain infrastructure Prometheum raises $12 million in cash and services from Hashkey Digital Asset Group.

💾 Overstock’s Medici Ventures used the Ravencoin blockchain to transfer security tokens worth $3.6m, representing its stake in Chainstone Labs.

🦅 More Ravencoin news. Token issuance platform TokenizEU chooses Ravencoin over Ethereum. Here’s why. We haven’t said much about the Ravencoin blockchain before, so here’s a short explanation.

🦖 Tokeny launches its open source Token for Regulated EXchanges protocol, aka T-REX. You can find their Github link here.


📜 A legal insight in compliance responsibilities for broker-dealers and issuers in the US, with regard to security tokens.

🏦 From central banking to money markets, here’s an exploration of the emerging crypto debt markets by the people at Dharma.

🇨🇭 An interesting interview with the people from Alethena, a Swiss blockchain-asset rating agency that tokenized its own shares.


📇 TokenNameService is issuing a $10m Reg D 506(c) STO to create personal wallet names instead of long public keys.

🎨 Digital art market Look Lateral is running a Reg D and Reg S STO, selling 20% of its equity, offering investors a portion of revenues generated on the platform.


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