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18 May 2019

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As indicated in our newsletter from a few weeks ago, we have been working on a new label and website.

Today marks the start of this new label, the Finhash Network launch.

Finhash Network is a website and a newsletter covering blockchain and DLT applications in the world of financeRead more about our move from to Finhash Network.

As you’re used to, we will cover a variety of topics, from Tokenized Securities to Decentralized Finance, Stablecoins, Secondary Markets, and much more.

So we hope you enjoy our new look! Do you have feedback or suggestions? Or perhaps you would like to write a guest post? Then do send us an email.



I think DeFi is a solution looking for a problem. Last year people were all about NFTs and this year they are all about DeFi. It’s just recency bias.

— Brian Flynn of Dapper Labs and NFTY News during the Ethereal Summit, as quoted by Coindesk.



🚿 Blockstream just announced it is launching the Liquid Securities platform. The platform is built on top on a bitcoin sidechain (Liquid Network) and will be launched with some solid partners (e.g. TokenSoft, Atomic Capital) and first clients (Zenus Bank, Pixelmatic).

🤝 More news from Consensus 2019; Polymath and IOHK are launching ‘Polymesh’a blockchain for ‘fully compliant’ security tokens. Here’s IOHK CEO’s Charles Hoskinson’s article on the topic.

🔑 Tokenization solutions: The more, the merrier. Consensys company Kaleido’s Blockchain as a Service offering now also includes the tokenization of digital assetsMore here.

🔓 Securitize has open-sourced its Digital Securities (DS) ProtocolFind the news here and the new GitHub repository here.

⛓️ The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) announced it started to release a new equities and securities settlement system based on DLTThe new system should be fully operational by mid-2020.

🇱🇮 The Liechtenstein government passes new laws regulating “transaction systems based on trust technologies” (press release in German).



💸 Decentralized Finance Projects: A Comprehensive Overview of DeFi.We provide a solid overview of different companies and projects that make up the DeFi space.

⚖️ The Financial Action Task Force and the EU need to fundamentally rethink their approach to virtual assets. In this (technical) piece, digital money expert Simon Lelieveldt covers different definitions of cryptocurrencies and why these new FATF recommendations are unworkable.



🏘️ Real estate fund Resolute.Fund is looking to raise $5m on SwarmThe fund will focus on distressed mortgage loans with its portfolio of U.S. commercial real estate.

🌇 After its first tokenized real estate deal fell through (see a previous newsletter), Harbor partners with real estate company Rhodium to tokenize a $100m real estate SPVusing the funds to acquire/operate “urban and suburban garden-style multi-family assets throughout the U.S”.



Recently we came across this article from the Tokenizer quoting author of ERC-721 William Entriken who said:

“The smart companies leave the industry and go outside. That is how you announce an enterprise project. You announce it in front of your customers. You do not announce it at Devcon.”

In contrast, NY Blockchain Week seemed to be the spot to announce your project — whether you’re launching a tokenization platform or creating a tokenized real estate fund. 

So are such announcements part of a solid marketing strategy? We’re sure they help in terms of getting the word out to the crypto public — but in terms of getting more (enterprise) customers, we’re not too sure.

See you next week! 👋

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